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    2013 年 10 月 8 日 Marie 0

    My old dog Jim had passed away without me taking a good digital picture of him. It was the mid nineties and digital cameras were in their infancy. Today creating portraits from photos transmitted though the internet is growing. I would have done a big oil painting portrait of Jim and hung it in my basement. His shiny black coat and muscular build with that big head would have made quite a sight.

    After Jim had passed I waited 8 years to get a new dog. I always thought German shepherds were cute and the thought of having a dog that was not a push over interested me. However I wanted to rescue a dog so after some research I contacted Blue canine adoption. They specialized in German agricultural machinery shepherds and had heard great things about them. After a brief conversation and them informing me they had a one year old German shepherd, Doberman mix named Nike. He had been given up more than 3 times and was still looking for a good home.

    As I entered the facility there were oil painting portraits of German shepherds all over the wall. I stopped to take a closer look and was amazed by quality of work and detail. “oh, that good old boy is Gus, we had that done 2 years ago- ordered it online from Poppizzaz.” They did all these pet portraits you see. Interesting, but i was excited to meet my new potential roommate. Out of the corner Of my eye I see this skinny tall thing with huge ear’s running down the hall either to greet me or attack woodworking machinery me !!!!!!!!! Within seconds I’m drenched with dog slobber. Seems the dog is a lover not a fighter. I fell for the beast instantly. Part German shepherd part Doberman I changed his name to Frank AKA Frankie Boy. Its been 4 years now and besides him chasing trains and squirrels He is My best friend and friend with benefits partner- Joking, just making sure you are reading this.

    With my digital Camera in hand I finally got around to taking some pics of Frank and chose one to make a custom pop art painting with. I decided to make a oil painitng portrait of him and they created something special. Still it would have been nice to have one of Jim but sometimes things just don’t work out. Actually they do- Just yesterday I found out i could scan a pic of Jim and send it to them. The painting of Jim will go right beside Frankie Boy.

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